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SOS Gel Manicure

Hard Gel? Soft Gel? Dipping Powder? BIAB? We know there are so many terms that the nail industry use for different types of manicures. Here's our guide on our SOS Gel Manicure. Our nail technicians most favourite service...

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What is an SOS Gel Manicure?

We use builder gel to protect the natural nail against breakages and chips. It looks very similar to a gel polish manicure, and is not a nail extension. It helps weak nails become strong! 

Is is the same as BIAB?

BIAB stands for Builder In A Bottle. This was made popular by the brand, The Gel Bottle. We use The Gel Bottle as well as other builder gel brands for our SOS Gel Manicure. It is a soak off system, unlike hard gel which does not soak off. type of nail enhancement product that combines the benefits of both gel polish and traditional hard gel.

Best BIAB in London
BIAB near me
BIAB near me

What are the benefits of an SOS Gel Manicure?

  • Strength and Durability: Our SOS Gel mani (aka. BIAB) provides a strong and durable overlay on natural nails. It helps to reinforce the nails, making them less prone to breakage or damage. 

  • Flexible and Lightweight: The manicure  provides a natural, look on the nails, making it suitable for everyday wear. Our award winning nail technicians are the best in London for this.

  • Our SOS Gel Manicure can help protect and strengthen natural nails, allowing them to grow longer and healthier over time. It acts as a protective barrier against external factors that can lead to nail damage. This can also be good for guests with weak or brittle nails.

  • When properly applied and maintained, BIAB can provide long-lasting results, often lasting up to three to four weeks before needing a fill or touch-up. 

How often will I need to get them done?

We advise coming in for an infill every 2-3 weeks. Book in 'SOS Gel Infill'

BIAB near me

Can I get nail art with SOS Gel Manicures?

Yes! We can create the best nail art using gel polish. We have a huge range of colours. Our nail artists are the best nail technicians in London, so can create the most amazing designs.

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